Workshop "Young Craftsmen"

The workshop „Young Craftsmen” – one of the most important programmes of practical museum learning, opens its gates every year, in July.

The workshop has reached its fourteenth edition and has become a traditional event in the area. Every year, more and more children who are interested in the folk crafts come to attend the workshop. 

The programme aims to raise the awareness of children aged 10 to 16 about the traditional culture and civilization, the local ethnography, the national cultural heritage hosted by museums and to help them acquire artistic skills.

During the 3 weeks of workshop, the Village Museum is enlivened by the 100 children from Suceava municipality attending the workshops. Professional craftsmen teach the young apprentices to carve the wood and to paint the eggs and icons.

At the end of the event, the artistic works made by the little artists are included in an exhibition where visitors can buy the pieces of art exhibited. The aim of this exhibition is to make the children aware of their work value and to get them more affectionate to the authentic folk art.