The Festival of Folk Music Bands

The festival of folk music bands was initiated in 2007 by the Romanian journalist Marius Tucã from Jurnalul Naţional Newspaper, in the spirit of Recurs la România (a media campaign with the aim to bring to light the authentic national cultural values) and has turned into an authentic resistance movement. It started at the National Village Museum „Dimitrie Gusti” from Bucharest, it continued at the outdoor Museum from Dumbrava Sibiului and, in the summer of 2010, it also passed by the Bucovina Village Museum in Suceava.  

A true celebration of folk music, this festival reached its sixth edition, always bringing together famous musicians from all over the country – starting with the host of the event, the musician Grigore Leşe.  

The festival includes dialogues with Grigore Leşe, who can really communicate with the Romanian peasants, gently getting them to confess their joys and their sorrows. The audience can delight in listening to secret stories, sung or whispered, never heard before, which impress the audience to tears.